CBD Bath Bombs: How Do They Work?

CBD Bath Bombs: How Do They Work?

Taking an hour or so away from increasingly stressful days and sinking into a warm, clean tub is made all the better with the naturally relaxing addition of CBD, THC and essential oils, dissolving into the water as you find that happy place. Not only for stress relief and relaxation, they are also used to ease symptoms related to arthritis, muscle pain, and other physical ailments. But what about these cannabis-derived CBD bombs and salts make them effective?

What Makes CBD Infused Bath Salts Effective?

Epsom salt has been long touted for its ability to soothe away maladies and even reduce inflammation. The addition of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids serve to create an even more powerful effect. Like any topical cannabis product, CBD and THC interact with CB2 receptors just beneath the surface of the skin, calming pain signals and promoting relaxation. CBD has been proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it’s so effective when used in this form for temporary relief. Certain skin conditions may also benefit from the antibacterial effects of topically applied cannabis. In fact, all 5 major cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN) have been scientifically proven to possess antibacterial potential. Like other topicals, cannabis-infused bath salts and CBD bath bombs also contain botanicals like eucalyptus oil and Dead Sea salts, which further bolster the relaxing effects.

Will It Get Me High?

We are often asked if bath salts and other topicals will cause any sort of intoxication. Generally speaking from anecdotal evidence, product testing and guest feedback, the short answer is no, though some have reported feeling a mild ‘body high’ after using a high concentration of salts. The cannabis contained in the bath salts and topical products interacts with your peripheral nervous system and does not enter the bloodstream, making the risk of intoxication unlikely.

Enjoy Your Bath

These products are designed with the intent to relax your muscles and alleviate discomfort, not induce a high. However, like any cannabis product, it’s important to use the appropriate amount and gauge your response to it. Different products will contain different ratios of CBD to THC, which is also an important consideration when selecting any cannabis. We always recommend starting low and go slow when trying any new product.

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