Major 5 CBD Marketing Strategies to promote your CBD Store

Major 5 CBD Marketing Strategies to promote your CBD Store

We’re taking a mixed approach to CBD marketing with the following tips. Mixed meaning that we’ll look at a few digital marketing strategies for CBD as well as include a few traditional marketing tactics.

Some of these CBD marketing ideas require paid advertising placements on traditional and digital channels, whereas other CBD marketing strategies will require organic marketing services that include elements of SEO and content marketing, but drive free organic traffic as opposed to paid ads.

If you’re looking for interesting and effective ideas to implement into your cannabis marketing strategy, we have five of them here for you. Let’s get to it!

1. Advertise CBD Products and Brands on Native Ad Networks

It is possible to advertise CBD products online without using Google or Facebook!

2. Use Affiliate Marketing To Drive Sales From Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing as a CBD marketing strategy can easily be filed as a traditional tactic that will still work well to provide decent ROI today. Affiliate marketing has been an amazing and affordable marketing method for many years, so it makes sense that many cannabis companies already offer these types of programs.

3. Use Facebook Groups For CBD Marketing

Social media for dispensary marketing and CBD advertising is not a friendly place when it comes to CBD marketing, but it’s still one of the most important channels that must be included in your company’s CBD marketing strategy.

Some useful tips for the types of content that may work well in a Facebook Group dedicated to recreational cannabis and CBD products would be to:

  • Post helpful content that educates users on your CBD and CBD products
  • Provide expert opinions on cannabis products written by you or an expert cannabis content writer you outsource
  • Provide expert opinions on CBD oils and other products on behalf of your cannabis brand

4. Don’t Forget Cannabis Product Vending Machines

It seems like there’s not a lot of talk about CBD vending machines. if you think about how vending machines have been used traditionally to promote various types of related products you’ll come up with some cool ideas to add to your CBD marketing strategy.

5. Online & Local CBD Directories

There’s a dual benefit for your CBD marketing strategy if you’re using local and other online directories.

Since there are plenty of cannabis online directories available today, your cannabis brand should make sure that your company is properly listed and optimized on as many cannabis-specific websites as possible.

This is one of the most likely places that a new cannabis customer will find you.

Many cannabis users are particular about the type of CBD they use. You’ll increase your online discoverability and visibility by being listed in relevant online directories.

Another benefit to using a local CBD directory in your CBD marketing strategy is that you’re able to strengthen your brand’s reputation and potentially increase trust. Users use online directories as a reliable source for high-quality, trustworthy businesses.

Many online directories will also have a customer reviews section which will further enhance your CBD brand’s reputation and can convince users to choose your brand over a competitor.

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