Should Marijuana be Legalized?

Should Marijuana be Legalized?

There are always arguments among people who are in favor of and against the use of marijuana medicinally. Everyone has a different point of view about the use of marijuana medicinally. There are many people in favor of the use of marijuana as medicine, but equal is the number of people opposing its use.

Many of the medicals are supporting its use as it is really very effective in many of the diseases. In some countries, its use is not accepted as most of the people are only considering their false factors. There are very few people or countries that are in support of the herb as it is very effective for some cases if used medically.

As everything has its good and bad effects marijuana also has. Medical marijuana has been yet favored or legalized by many of the states or countries. There are many clinics that are making the use of marijuana in their treatments and good results are seen. These doctors are spreading the message by making the effective use of marijuana in their medication. Marijuana helps in curing patients suffering from arthritis, cancer, etc. The patients suffering from these kinds of serious diseases got relief with the medication of this herb. The use of marijuana is now accepted as a medicine worldwide due to its advantages.

Marijuana is not good if taken in excess. It also has its ill effects on the person who is addicted to it, but if used medically it has lots of benefits also. The debate will never stop the use of the herb in medicines. There are many medicines available in the market, which has their own side effects, but they are used due to their effect on curing diseases. To cure their diseases people have to accept the herb, although it comes with some faults.

When a person is suffering from a disease he or she just wants to cure their diseases without thinking about the ill effects of the medicines used. If any herb has a serious disease curing power, then it can be used so that the patient can get rid of all the problems due to these diseases. Keeping in consideration all the benefits of marijuana, many countries are legalizing their use as medicine so their people can get rid of their diseases. Unlike other drugs, it is not that dangerous to use.

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