What Are Diamond Extracts?

What Are Diamond Extracts?

Are you curious about these rare cannabis diamond extracts and want to know what makes them a unique crystal of marijuana? If yes, then look no further as we will let you know all about this upcoming extract in the cannabis concentrate market.

However, don’t feel out of the loop if you haven’t heard about them. For now, you must know that diamonds are relatively new in the world of cannabis concentrate; that’s why many consumers consider THCA diamonds as the holy grail of extract.

To clear all the hype and acclaim surrounding diamond extracts, we will give you a proper overview of diamond concentrate. So, keep reading on to know about the concentrate that is most potent among other cannabis products.

Diamond Extracts – Overview

Diamonds are crystalline structures that get their shape in the sauce, which is a cannabis concentrate that has a high level of terpenes and a glossy texture. Besides, it contains THCA, which is THC acid, a precursor to THC.

Moreover, when this non-intoxicating THCA is exposed to heat, then it is converted into intoxicating THC. In this way, the chemical makeup of the THCA chain disappears, and it will become an oily substance. Furthermore, it can also be distilled and concentrated down into a pure form. That’s how you get a 99% THCA-rich content in diamond extracts.

How Are THCA Diamonds Made?

There are two ways to make these rare forms of diamonds which are as follows:

Closed-loop system

In this system, a liquid solvent is used to segregate the active compounds from the trichome gland to get a solution.

Moreover, this solution is a mixture of desired compounds extracted from the cannabis plant and a solvent which is used for concentration. Later, you have to remove the solvent from the solution.

While using a closed-loop system to make diamonds, you need an experienced technician to change how a solvent can be purged from the system. Then the whole process of slow solvent removal will allow the TCHA crystalline structure to form. However, it takes two days to several weeks for the completion of the process.

Crystalline Method

In the crystalline method, you have to create a supersaturated solution to produce cannabis crystals. The solution is made by mixing a solvent with a refined concentrate that includes all lipids but doesn’t have terpenes. After that, you can apply heat and pressure to evaporate the solvent from the mixture.

It will create an environment for the formation of THCA crystals. Then at the right temperature, the chemical molecules of THCA begin to form diamond structures.

What Happens When You Eat Diamonds Extracts?

If you eat diamond extracts in the form of tincture or any edible shape, it will have the same effect as any other CBD product. It helps to relax your body and mind and can be a better alternative for medical patients due to its Psychoactive properties of THC.

However, for some reason, if you decide to decarb your THCA diamonds into THC for using them with other traditional edibles, then we don’t recommend it. It’s because while doing this process, you might lose control of heat, and as a result, your edible diamonds will become intoxicated for your health.


We hope that now you have a better idea about this unique cannabis concentrate. If you live in a legalized area, then you can find these diamonds there. However, a nearby local dispensary can also be a better option to seek them. Besides, when it comes to ingesting these diamonds, you better eat them without turning THCA into THC. So, if you are an aficionado of cannabis, you must try to make these rare diamond concentrate!