Which CBD Product is Best for Me?

Which CBD Product is Best for Me?

The moment one looks at the possibilities of adding different hemp-derived CBD oil or CBD-infused products, there is a long list of questions that comes up. Among these the most pertinent questions is “Which product is best for me?” One Company to check out is VIDYA formulated Hemp Therapy. Check out the Brand Spotlight Review on VIDYA to Learn more about what to look for in choosing the right brand for you.   

There are a number of factors that you have to consider before determining the best answer. It includes the reason for using hemp-based CBD, consumption timing, the lifestyle, physical activities you are involved in, etc. Other equally important factors are body type, age, and the physical state of an individual. In order to conclude some answers, we will analyze some CBD products that are available to choose. This is done by checking out their strengths and weaknesses.

Onset Time & Bioavailability

These two are some of the major concepts that you should know before you move ahead and read about the products you may purchase. While onset time refers to the duration it takes for any of the product to effect, bioavailability refers to the proportion of CBD included in the product. Both the factors may vary in considerable proportions from one product to the other. If you take the example of edibles, most have longer onset time but lower bioavailability when compared to vaporizers. Although vaporizers affect your system immediately providing high bioavailability, they have their own drawbacks.

CBD’s Bioavailability

When we speak about bioavailability, the main concern that arises is the fact that CBD is oil but blood is water-based. This means they won’t mix well together. Being an oil, CBD gets easily absorbed by fatty tissues getting locked up as well as metabolized.

The main issue with bioavailability arises from the fact that while CBD is an oil, blood is water-based. Therefore, the two do not mix very well. CBD is easily absorbed into fatty tissues where it is locked up and metabolized before it can do any good. Nanoemulsion is one such solution that increases bioavailability. Tiny amounts of CBD oil are encapsulated inside the microscopic casing that easily homogenizes with water. It eventually increases the bioavailability of the product because it’s more compatible with the water-based system of the body.

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