The Lookah Seahorse Pro Review

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Review

The Lookah Seahorse Pro is any concentrates lovers dream, it’s essentially a dab rig in your pocket. The more common nickname for this style dab pen is a nectar collector (more on that later) which is quite different from other style dab pens out there.

With most dab pens you load your concentrates into some sort of atomizer and that’s how you enjoy your dab,  but not with a nectar collector! Nectar collectors still have atomizers, however you don’t have to load your concentrates into anything. The atomizer will heat up on the end of the device then you just apply that directly to your concentrates to smoke them.

Not only is the Seahorse Pro a nectar collector, it’s 510 threaded as well, which is great news for you cartridge lovers. The atomizer that comes attached to the Seahorse Pro is actually removable, and conveniently this device is 510 threaded, meaning its compatible with any CBD/Oil cartridges.

While the Seahorse Pro itself is actually rather small, it can do quite a bit, and has some really cool accessories that come with it. First of all, it’s 510 threaded, which means it’s compatible with nearly all oil cartridges. So if you just wanted to use this device as a simple battery you could do that, however you would be missing out on some cool features.

The main attachment that comes with the Seahorse Pro is a quartz coil that’s actually a nectar collector. For those that don’t know what a nectar collector is allow me to explain. Basically the quartz tip on the end heats up and you apply it directly to the concentrates to smoke. I’ve always been a big fan of nectar collectors, I think it’s a really quick and efficient way to smoke dabs, and they rip way harder than any other dab pens in my opinion.

The really cool thing about the Seahorse Pro is that it’s 510 threaded, meaning it can use concentrates cartridges as well, which seem to be the big thing right now.

Seahorse Pro

Using the Seahorse Pro

So right out of the box the seahorse pro is extremely easy to use, you can be taking a dab within 2 minutes of opening the package, easily.

It comes with a charge, which is really nice. There’s nothing worse than getting a brand new dab pen only to realize you can’t even use it because it’s dead.

It takes 5 clicks to turn on and off, like most other dab pens, and it has three preset voltages. The blue color is the lowest at 3.2v, then Purple is 3.6v followed lastly by White, which is the highest at 4.1v.

To take a dab using this pen all you do is turn on the pen, hold the button to heat up the tip then press it directly to your concentrates and inhale, simple as that.

Word of advice, be careful what surface you put your dab on, make sure its something safe, because the pen will be touching the surface the dab is on. If you are using a glass container for your concentrates you can dab it straight out of the container, but I only recommend doing this if you have a small amount of concentrates. If you do this to a large amount of concentrates you could ruin the rest of your stash.

Exclusive Wax Mode

Exclusive Wax Mode

One of the really cool features of the Seahorse Pro is it’s exclusive Wax Mode. This is for those exclusively dabbing using the quartz atomizer, if you are using the pen for cartridges disregard this.

If you press the on/off button three times while in any heat setting, it will activate wax mode, which sets the atomizer to stay hot for 30s without having to press the button. Which is an extremely helpful setting when dabbing.

I actually didn’t realize this was a thing at first, and when I first started using the seahorse I was annoyed at how this wasn’t a feature, it wasn’t until I read the manual that I realized I had been missing out!

How to Use the Seahorse W Your Favorite Glass

So another really cool feature about the Seahorse Pro is that it comes with a silicone hose-like attachment that you can use to pair the Seahorse Pro with your favorite glass.

All real dabbers know you just can’t beat the smoothness of smoking out of real glass, and while the Seahorse is smooth, there’s just no beating actual glass.

Lookah has made it so you don’t need to choose between one or the other, and this thing is super easy to use. One end of the hose goes on the mouthpiece of the Seahorse Pro and the other end goes where the nail would on your dab rig.

After you’ve attached everything you’re good to go, you’ll be using the Seahorse to burn the dab but the rig to smoke it, that’s what I call teamwork!


One of the things I really love about dabbing with any sort of nectar collector is that the cleanup and maintenance is basically non-existent.

Cleaning the seahorse is extremely easy and Lookah gives you all the tools you’ll need to do so. In my time using the Seahorse Pro (Over 1 month as Im writing this) I haven’t had to do much cleaning to the device.

To ensure the the quartz tip lasts as long as possible, make sure you fully burn all the concentrates off the tip after each dab. If you leave concentrates on the tip or inside the airways it will harden and possibly ruin the coil.

The only other cleaning I’ve done is take the mouthpiece tube out of the device to soak in some Iso alcohol, and I run the brush that came with the Seahorse through the airway to clear any gunk out.

There will come a time when you have to replace the atomizer, they’re not built to last forever unfortunately and in time the quartz tip will deteriorate and break down. Fortunately you can buy replacement right on Lookah’s website.


The Seahorse Pro houses a 650mah battery, pretty standard for the size of the device. The battery usually will last me a full day of dabbing consistently (7-10 uses) before I throw it on the charger for the night.

The Seahorse Pro can be used while charging, although the charging cable that comes with the device is quite small so if you actually want to do that you’re going to want to invest in a longer micro USB cable.

As for charging times, like I mentioned I just leave mine on the charger overnight, but you can expect to be able to get a full charge within 2 hours.


All in all, this is a great pickup for any concentrates lover. With the Seahorse you can smoke any type of concentrates there are, even distillate from a cartridge.

The Seahorse isn’t going to break your wallet either, it’s under $50, and after that all you need to buy is replacement atomizers every so often.